2011 Instructors

When and where to they get posted?

This is posted on PBG Facebook page
“In case you haven’t heard… our 2011 online ticket lotteries start next week. Telluride Town Park camping (Nov 8-17), RockyGrass Academy (Nov 8-17), then RockyGrass onsite camping (Nov 22 - Dec 5). We’ll be announcing the RockyGrass Academy instructors in the next couple days.” :medal


And away we go!

Are you kidding!!! Look at that Instructor list!! How are we suppose to choose? :medal :medal :medal :medal :medal

Woo Hoo! Looks interesting!

What’s up with the kids camp - did Kate break away from the Bearfoot gang?

Hey, did anyone take vocal class with Peter Rowan last year?
I’m mulling putting in for that, but I’m a novice (just taking my first singing classes now). Any advice would be appreciated!