2010 TBF Ticket Stub?

Did anyone happen to pick up an extra 4-Day stub on their way out of the fest this year? In my post-House Band haze i grabbed what turned out to be a Friday only stub-- I collect these sorts of things so I’d love to have a stub for the whole thing if anyone’s got one…

I would be willing to trade it for one of these BOSS koozies we made…



also, if anyone stumbles upon my post and just WANTS a koozie, ill sell them for 5 bucks each plus whatever it costs to get it to you!


it would appear that my image linking abilities leave something to be desired, sorry about that… here are the links themselves for pics of the koozies:

FRONT: http://it.tinypic.com/r/z6cm0/6
BACK: http://it.tinypic.com/r/2e3aljp/6

Trot, email Bluegrass Dustin, he hooked us up last year with a couple of stubs that we mounted on a poster and had framed. :cheers

Thanks for the heads up, I may do that… also, he goes into the bar my buddy works for fairly often, maybe I’ll just get him to ask… thanks, though!

Want a koozie?

thanks for the offer trot but since I was not at TBF this year, I just cannot accept. Weird I know but… :cheers

If Dustin doesn’t have any ticket stubs for you, I can probably get you one. I went by there on Sunday and got a Town Park ticket for everyone in our camp (6 tickets) and I’m pretty sure not everyone wants theirs.

Trot, I TOTALLY need to get me one of those koozies!!!
Please PM me your info so I can get on it!!