2010 Announcement #7: From the Carolina hills

Let’s try something different for today’s new TBF artist… an announcement haiku: :rolleyes

Beatbox and banjo
from Carolinas’ piedmont
with joyful vengeance

Or how about this one:

Fiddlin’ jug band
Had RockyGrass enraptured
Fallin’ off their seats

Or one more:

Never danced so hard
to southern stringband blues from
guitar and kazoo

If you were at 2008 RockyGrass you know exactly who I’m talking about. Their Sunday night set was the talk of the festival…

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Here’s one of their many RockyGrass highlights:

And a great overview about the band:

Don’t get trouble in your mind, tix go on sale on Wednesday…

Oh Yeah, BABY!! They were killer! Great choice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

GET OUT!!! ANOTHER FIRST FOR ME!!! I missed em by this much(said in the voice of Get Smart). I left RG just before they took stage .

HOT FLIPPIN DOG! It feels like friday. :flower

Got to see them at the New Orleans Jazz Fest a few years ago. They had an early set, which usually means scarce crowds, but apparently the word-of-mouth got around and the tent was nearly full. These folks are very talented, very devoted to their music and really down to earth. In other words, perfect for TBF.

Great choice! :thumbsup
They were the highlight of Rockygrass in 2008 for me. :cheers

Definitely my RG08 highlight!! Hope I can get to T-ride this year.

Wow! They were the biggest surprise hit of RG that year! Awesome!

i cant believe they’re gonna be there!
i saw them over the summer a couple times and they put on such a great show!
this is gonna be a treat!!!

Read, read, reread. I love this line up. I’m going to start getting in furious dancin shape cause it looks like we are all in trouble now. This could be a nonstop grinin,dance party!

Love the way the Planet is givin us a trickel at a time. Very tasty indeed. :medal