2008 Wintergrass

Hey all - I’m not sure how many PNW festivarians there are on this board but I thought I’d throw a thread out to see if anyone is headed to Wintergrass in Tacoma, WA this year? Feb 21-24 - I’m hoping to make it to a few shows on Friday and Saturday.

Anyway just thought I’d poke my head out of lurkdom to see…

WELCOME KDAWG!!! I like your handle! :lol

Have a blast at Wintergrass without me!

Auntie Hope :pickin

Have a blast KDawg! The lineup looks great. We usually go up from Portland but this year are fleeing for a little southern sunshine that week. Have you been before? If not, make sure to check out the church. Acoustics in there are really so much nicer than the rest of the venues.

Thanks (to both of you!!)

I’m still not sure if I’m going to be able to make TBF this year (last year was the first and amazing time) so this will hopefully tide over the itch…Ok probably not but it sure sounds like fun.

I will definitely check out the church (thanks!) - I’m excited to see the Duhks in their new configuration, trampled by turtles - too many choices! I was particularly excited to see Sarah Jarosz on the list Thursday but my ability to get down to Tacoma through Seattle traffic by 5:30 is about nil. Ah well -

Anyway thanks again - have fun in the sun :sunshine !!