2008 008 08 8 !! Here's the place to Post Pics!


Soon to be posted: 2008 Festivaria Fotos! Too bad all of those who don’t log in can’t see em!

Now let’s see, I have to upload, shrink, caption, download, limit, and be a poser all at the same time!

Join me in posting some of the best of the best piccys of the 08 TBFest:

1 Stunning Eclectic Electric HoolaHoops

OOOO I can’t wait to see pictures. My camera was stolen last year and I never got around to replacing it so I didn’t have a camera with me at TBF. I’ll be excited to see other folks shots.

Thanks for sharing :flower

I tried to find you all yeekend Yessie! Yumpin Yiminee, I’da shot ya!

Bonafide Authentico Killo Flamenco Flanko Steak-O

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My photos…

Link to my pictures



:wave Hey John, I knew you would be the serious type. It was great to meet you!!!

My TBF shots:

In case anyone is interested, here are some shots from the Pagosa Folk 'n Bluegrass Festival that preceded TBF by two weeks:

yikes!! looks like i’m holding in a hit :eek

Nope, I think you were thinkin’, silly girl, dumb shark, OK I’ll play, quick take the picture quick :lol

Here are a few photos I took:

Well those sure are fun!

Great Shots brother Joe …Thank You
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Great Pics Az
Thank you
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Nice, really nice :thumbsup

Mine here: http://s37.photobucket.com/albums/e53/rosenrosen15/Telluride%20Bluegrass%2008/


JR rocking Pics Thanks brother !