2007 - Story, video, pictures and more...

Here’s a link to the Plum TV story from 2007 that includes a video of me, pictures around my camp, and other miscellaneous campground stuff. :cheers


For the record…“Brett Lance” is not his real name…nor is he a volunteer…he’s a full time summer employee both in Telluride and here on the ranch. :lol

I have a feeling he was having a bit of fun with the pretty reporter. :jester

I saw my tent in there too :thumbsup

Next time Tom, make sure to send the little sweetie my way for a “follow-up” interview.

WHAT??? I’m tellin’ Carla!!! :evil

Auntie Hope :pickin

And I just got the link to the Plum TV interview of me during the festival. :flower

Oh yeah! I remember when you and Ron passed me in the street that morning when you were heading for the interview. Very cool.

heh, neat! These videos have been getting me rather eager to get back out west…

And Ron, you are a man of few words (for once :evil) :cheers

Holy S … thats the first time ive seen that …
i was just there for backup !
Good job Tom

So I don’t know if anyone noticed, But they mixed up Pirate Larry and Hippie Jerry
on that little broadcast. It is just not right for a gal to see the inside of so many tents in one year!

Oh, I noticed! How could I help it. :lol

So does that mean they can now be called
Pirate Hippie and Larry Jerry???

or maybe Pirate Jerry & Hippie Larry???

Oh, I think they’re both Hippie Pirates. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Or Pirate Hippies? :pirate :festivarian