2004 Festival Brochure Artwork

I’m looking for the pamphlet for the 2004 festival. I have been making a painted plate of the artwork from that year as a keepsake for myself. I had so much fun and made many new friends, I wanted to have something to remember it. I have lost my original brochure and have not had any luck finding another. Is there an archive somewhere?

Ya know I just checked and I have 05,06 and 07 handy, however I have been moving my stuff into storage and the rest I can’t get to. If you don’t get it by TBF let me know, cause I will have to get into that stuff and dig for Gil(don’t ask :lol) and I will keep looking for it. I do have it fer sure,but in what box?

wow i read this old post and thought it has taken me how long to get my box’s and life :rolleyes
out of storage, geesh, slow as a train a Bluegrass train that is. Slow and steady, WOOOOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now I wonder where my collection of programs are packed, hummm. :medal Should be next to my Frank Zappa collection :rolleyes