2 bedroom condo available 2 blocks from Town Park!!

We have had a family situation come up that is keeping us from going to the festival this year! We have a sweet 2 bedroom 2 blocks from Town Park available Thursday-Monday (you can add on a night if needed) for only $475 a night!!! We have rented this condo before and it sleeps up to 6. I am desperate to unload this so please email me if you are interested and I can get you more information. marcilary@gmail.com

Thank you!

IF there is anyone else out there who would like to go in on it, I would like to look into it. Let me know. My email is shooqueue@hotmail.com. Thanks! JulieQ :flower

i too would be interested in sharing this space with another party. I could split the place if anyone is able. I emailed you Julie. My wife and I would be psyched to take it off your hands if we could find someone to split the costs with us. Many thanks,

I’m interested in sharing this condo too.

Steve, steve@coloradolawyers.net

My God!!! That is more expensive than ski season. Sorry to be a downer but…wow. I guess if you have got a family though it is nice to have a roof over your head. Come to think of it your own shower would be nice, kitchen, bed…I see. Is this cheap for this time of year?