2- 4 day passes for sale - face value

**2 - 4 day passes ** for sale
Sadly, our first time to TBF won’t happen this year. We didn’t realize the complexities when we scored tix online a few months ago. Driving our campervan from Oregon is not realistic.
I’m not even sure how to transfer the tix, but it seems like this is the forum to figure it out. Thanks in advance anyone who can help me out. We paid about $800 for both passes. I’ll find my receipt.


Would like to buy your tickets if still available. Franklin Hanson,

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Wonderful! I also have them on CashOrTrade. We could make the sale there?
Here is a photo of the receipt:

Are you still interested in buying tickets?
Thanks, Julie

Hi Julie!

I am interested in your tickets can you message me on here?


My concert buddy said no way, wait for the resale.

Hi Julie, are these tickets still available? I’m looking for one 4-day pass.


Got my pass