1st timer, what should I expect?

Howdy folks!

This will be my first time at the Academy and only the second time at the Festival. I will be in the intermediate guitar class. What should I expect? If I want to sign up for the band scramble, what are the guidelines? Should I expect any one-on-one face time with the guitar instructors? Is beer allowed in the academy? Should I get a recorder? What is this songbook I’ve read about? Does it come with a CD? Does it have tabbed out leads? Lot’s more questions, but I’ll leave it at that.


You can get all your questions answered if you just hit the Planet Bluegrass link top right of this page then hit the RGA link.

Yes beer is ok, yes bring a recorder, a song book is like a handbook of common jams you can brush up on so you can join in, no CD but you can download it to your ipod, band scramble sign up is early AM(early bird catches the worm) and random and fun, one on one is available, sign up in the AM.

FUN,FUN,FUN :flower

Good Job Miki!

learnin’ from my big brother Ron :flower Thanks

Not always acurate but always helpful :lol

Whasup P!?
You coulda just asked me…Cuz I know all the answers :slight_smile:

seriously though, welcome to the hood.


Man that is a good lookin’ Bass :wave! Glad your here to answer all the RGA questions.

Only been once :thumbsup It was great! :medal

I was just reminded of RGA last summer and it made me smile and think about last summers Instrument Building journey… boy can that mandolin sing out, just like me!
Maybe too loud :lol :flower

What a great few days. Lots of focus but man was it worth it! All the instuctors were so much fun, intense and loved what they do. Very fun shop time… :cheers :medal
I want to build another just so I can visit those great folks :flower

I must say my den has my RGA workbook from last summer on the floor with songs marked to work on even now.
The band scrambles are an insperation and if I ever get at least moderatly good at playing my beautiful mandolin I built I will be rampin up to join in the band scramble…already have the name for my band…
A Day Late and A Dollar Short :lol :flower

Insperation, just delightful…

It was easy to sing out and relax to be yourself to discover yourself. …

As soon as I drove into PBG Ranch I was adopted by some wonderful folks I hope to see and camp with again and thank you for making me feel so welcome and so at home, you know who you are :flower
It is very easy to fit in like you have been there 100 times before…

Everyone learning and growing. I would do it again and again and again if givin the oppertunity. :medal
I can see how this should become part of me, my life, what I do every summer for 4 days…

You will see what I mean… :flower

So if you love to write, sing, play, dance , build , join in!!

Life is short, lets dance , build, sing and play! :sunshine :dog

What to expect? Expect a tough decision about midnight: to stay up and keep jamming, or go to bed, get a good nights rest and enjoy the beautiful Planet Bluegrass Ranch in the quiet early morning hours. My preference, go to bed early, stay rested and stay sharp for the great classes and meet all the folks by the coffee jugs in the morning. Nothing like sharing a Colorado morning sun with bluegrass buddies.

Hey gang…first timer here. Is it necessary to arrive early for a camping spot at the Academy? What are the advantages? On the RGA guidelines page, it talks about lining up just to get into the camp! I’m just staying for the the Academy, not the Festival :frowning: had a prior commitment.