1st Time in 2016 - Have some Mary E. Ilium Camping questions

My Son and I are excited about attending the festival.
And we’re camping at Mary E.
Some of the info seems conflicting between the official website and here.

  1. Are campfires ok at Mary E. or not?
  2. If they are still legal at Mary E. are there fire rings already in place? (We’re planning on arriving either Monday or Tuesday before the festival)
  3. I wanted to park my truck at my campsite, so I bought 3 camping passes for Mary E. (1 for me, 1 for the Son, 1 for the Truck). Was that the correct purchase, as I didn’t see a separate vehicle pass option on the official ticketing site.

I am sure we will have some more questions, but I didn’t want to overload in the beginning.

Txs in advance!

  1. Campfires are usually allowed; it depends on how dry it is.

  2. They have permanent fire rings set up and fires are only allowed in the preexisting rings.

  3. You did not do it right. You must have a vehicle pass to park your vehicle at your campsite. You and your son will each require a 4-day pass and a camping pass (assuming he’s over 12). You’re truck needs a vehicle pass.

Hope this helps! Welcome to Telluride!

That’s exactly the info I needed.
I emailed Planet and asked if they could exchange the 3rd camping pass that I don’t need, for a vehicle pass.

The campfire thing had be confused, as the official site says → No open fires are allowed in any of our campgrounds.
I guess they don’t consider Mary E one of their campgrounds, they should really detail that a bit better.
Would be a shame to load half a rick into my truck, only to find out I couldn’t use it.

We’re arriving first day Mary E opens, going to chill for a couple days, and settle in, before all the in town action takes off.

Txs again!

Sorry, but fires are a thing of the past at Mary E. I’d hate to see anyone haul a bunch of wood and have to haul it back home.

Well, conflicting information still present. :frowning:
I guess I’m going to call and get the official low down.

If the fire rings are a thing of the past, gonna be a bit chilly at night out there.
I guess we may look into a propane patio heater of some kind.

The propane fire pits are quite popular these days, and very useful…just sayin’, and you don’t need to stay in the rings. :thumbsup

Definitely been researching the propane route, and from perusing some camping forums, it seems campfire in a can is one of the more popular units.
It’s a bit pricier than some of the others, so going to research a bit more.

Hello, after working out at Mary E. for years. I can tell you there are no fires. No fires in the fire rings, and basically nothing with an open flame. This is NOT a Planet Bluegrass decision. The no open flame rule comes directly from the National Parks Forest Rangers. HOWEVER propane stoves and heaters are ok. I personally use a double burner heater, seems to really help.
Sorry if this is bad news, I miss the fires too.

So, does no open flame mean that this type of propane heater is a no no?


Yes, unfortunately those are counted as an “open flame”. Or at least they have been in recent years. The parks service has been really kind of touchy about it. But I am not a supervisor, and have not been told the fire rule for this year. This is just how it has been for the past 3 or 4 years.

You have any heater models that you know are legal, that I can research?
I am not freezing my arse off at that elevation. :slight_smile:

Txs in advance.

Absolutely, I saw on E-Bay it was the “Avenger Tank Top Propane Heater - Single Burner, 15,000 BTU, Model# FBDTP15”. I personally use is a dual burner heater just like this one. The last couple of years I took a regular bbq tank, and did not use it all.

Sorry about the incorrect info. I haven’t camped in Mary E since 2009. Might be time for me to ease up on the questions for that campground. If you get there as early as you’re planning, make sure to make the trek up to Town Park and stroll around. We’re a friendly bunch.

I have a question about MEI camping as well. When, what day is best to get to the campground? I am new to this and don’t want to not have a spot.

You can arrive late Wednesday and still likely find a spot. It’ll be harder, and probably require some searching. If you are there Monday or Tuesday, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a nice spot.

The campground will be the first place you go when you first get to the fest. If at all possible come in the daylight. There is plenty of space, and lots of friendly people to set up next to. everything level is free to camp on. The volunteers at the welcome tent should be able to tell you where to go.

Re: the No Open Flames Policy…

There truly is one road in and out of this box canyon, with one spur road between Mary E. and the Town of Telluride.

Possible attendance varies, between 15-20 thousand counting us, bands & company, staff, folks from town, business staff, etc., etc., etc.

This really could be a safety issue if a camper not as careful as you were to make an honest mistake with an open flame.

I love ya, but I don’t want to be stuck in a burning box canyon with ya.
Food for thought.
Auntie Hope

The best day to get to any and all Telluride campgrounds are as soon as possible. Then you can start to have fun and smell the bacon.