1st Album and Kickstarter from The Lonesome Days

Hi Everyone! :wave I play banjo in The Lonesome Days and know a lot of you from all the festivals. A lot of you guys probably know the rest of the guys in the band too: Jonny Miller, Sam Parks and Bradley Morse. We are super excited because we got started on our first album earlier this year at Etown Studios in Boulder with some great people helping us out and guesting on the album (Sally Van Meter and Jeremy Garrett are on a bunch of tracks).

We’re extra pumped this week because we just launched a Kickstarter campaign where anyone can pre-buy the album and get access to a ton of other rewards that we’re doing for our backers. We tracked 11 original songs and are really excited to get it out to everyone!! Check it out if you want! Any contributions, shares on social media, etc etc from our wonderful festival community is SO much appreciated.


Hope everyone is well,
Todd, Jonny, Sam and Bradley
The Lonesome Days