1981 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Poster - Any info?????

I have just recently come across a 1981 framed Telluride Bluegrass poster. It is in perfect condition and was framed the week after the show. Does anyone out there have an idea as to how many of these were ever made or a possible value for it? I just love it and have it now hanging in my house. Any info on these older TBGF posters would be appreciated. See the below link for a picture of the one I just came across.


Back in those days the festival was a lot smaller (attendance wise) so I’m sure there were fewer posters made. The exact quantity I couldn’t say, but I would guess it to be 250 or less so you have a rare bird. I was there that year and would love to have it, but there’s no way I could afford to pay what it’s worth. Hang on to it. :medal

TT - Thanks for the info! I think I have only ever seen one of these posters before at a bar somewhere. I was looking on YouTube last night at search term of “Festival Tapes” and was able to find some great footage of that 1981 show. Would have loved to been there!! If anyone else has info on these older posters I would love to hear it.

I have been collecting TBF posters since the mid 90’s. The early 80’s full size posters are indeed rare. I added the 1981 poster to my collection from an E-Bay auction about 5 years ago for about $50. There are also some 11" x 17" “telephone” pole promotional posters that were used in advertising the festival during the early 80’s. I actually like these smaller posters better in that they also list the names of the artists paticipating at the show in addition to that year’s logo. I’ve been able to accumulate posters for all years from 1980 to the current year. I don’t know how many were produced for each festival. However, I was able to buy a 1975 poster (2nd annual) and it is shown as being limited to 100 copies with a number assigned to each poster. It is by far the rarest of the TBF posters that I have seen come up for sale.

Mr. Cactus - Thank you! Very interesting. I picked this framed one up for $100, although a bit higher than what you paid, I guess I paid $50 for the frame. The one thing I notice about this 1981 poster is that it appears to be a lithograph printed on high grade medium weight paper. This is as opposed to what seems to be mass produced posters we see now. I am keeping my out for the 1980 TBGF poster as I like the artwork.

As a note to Planet Bluegrass, I would be willing to pay a premium for a higher grade “lithograph” or a limited addition numbered yearly TBGF print. Maybe even one signed by the artist??? If you are ever looking at adding to your merchandise, think about some limited yearly prints as opposed to mass produced posters(don’t get me wrong - I also really like those as well!!!).

Thanks again for the info Cactus Man - keep it coming if anyone has more!!

Do you have any pictures of the 1975 poster or any of the 1980-1985 posters?
I’ve got all the programs in my Telluride Bluegrass Festival Program Archive that shows what the artwork was for all the years from 1986 to 2010 and I’d love to be able to have a picture of what you have to add to it. :flower

This is on sale right now on Craigslist http://denver.craigslist.org/clt/3011828632.html

Tom I’ll have to look through all my old posters and see what I have. I have so many shirts, so who knows how many posters have survived over the years.

Thank you Planet for the Signed and numbered posters this year!! I sure hope you sold out of them this year? Hopefully it was a money maker to promote the same in future years! Thanks again, mine is on my wall already.

Ohhh what :huh Really, signed and numbered hua. What # do you have and how many were made?

Yep, they were printed on heavy stock, signed and #'d by the artist. I think mine is 48/200.

I am just hoping the Planet sold out of them so that they want to do this again next year!

SHUCKS!!! I hope they have a few left. Bummer. EXCELLENT IDEA however!

Oh shucks, none for sale on the site, must be sold out. Lesson learned. Perhaps I missed this in the program. I am gonna have to re-read it. :medal excellent idea.

They were selling thme right next to the regualr posters. I think they were 20 bucks each. I am not sure which number I got but I bought it on the first day the merc tent was open.

bummer, I hate to shop so I always wait till the last moment. Bad move on my part :rolleyes

I hate it as well, but I have found that if I wait the only sized remaining for shirts ar Small and XXXXXL. So I go the first day while supplies last, and that’s when I found the limited eddition posters.

A few years ago I found a professionally framed in Telluride 1980 poster at a yard sale. I asked the guy how much he wanted while thinking I probably did not have enough. He said 2 bucks, I couldn’t believe it. Of all my T-ride posters, that is my precious. Also just picked up a frame for my 2012 poster to add to the wall.

Does anyone know if the limited addition/numbered posters will be offered this year?

How did I completely miss this??

So, when do they start selling?