12/30/13 - Younder Mountain String Band Flood Benefit

Just a heads up that today is the pre-sale for YMSB’s Flood benefit at the Boulder Theater on 12/30.

100% of the proceeds will go to Planet Bluegrass. :flower

Tickets can be purchased here: http://bouldertheater.frontgatesolutions.com/choose.php?a=1&lid=87969&eid=98672




The message on the Boulder Theater’s site says the tickets are unavailable at this time. Did they sell out already? Which is great for Flood Relief, but bad for late-to-the-game-me. :wink:

What I’m secretly hoping for what is what lies behind door number two (tickets haven’t gone on sale yet.) Do you have any inside dirt here?

Thanks for any info.

Tickets are available right now on the Boulder Theater’s website.

If anyone has an extra they’d be willing to sell me, I’d be mighty obliged. I also have an extra Del > SCI ticket I can negotiate with. Thank you.

This event is going to be awesome!! Might be the Yonder show of the year :thumbsup Not only because of it helping Planet Bluegrass, but the guests that are sure to be there and Kinfolk community coming together!

If you are on Facebook check out the “Yonder Kinfolk” group on their. A lot of tickets might be up for grabs in the next coming weeks especially when they start to sell out and people can’t attend closer to it. Also, theirs a couple of SCI groups if you are on it that you could definitely negotiate your NYE ticket for a benefit one. Hope it all goes in your favor!

Thanks Brady. I’ll look into those avenues as well.

No problem! Glad I could be of some help, hope it all works out!

This show was amazing!! When will there be word on how much money PB raised through this event? Glad I contributed to the rebuilding efforts! :thumbsup

I’m listening to the show on archive. Hot damn, they were rocking.

It was spectacular! So many guests, easily one of the top shows I saw in 2013, possibly ever

:medal :medal :medal
I watched the whole thing and man ON FIRE!!!

What a smoking hot night! Sorry to have missed out :huh