1 warner field pass for sale

I have one extra Warner field pass for sale (face value of course).

Hello, Is this pass for Warner Field still available? Thanks, Buz

Yes it is still available

Great, I’m assuming its the combination Blue Grass Festival pass with 4 days camping on Warner field. Just to confirm.

Yes that is correct

Just checking to see if you are still interested in the warner field ticket

lanajax, thanks for the reply. I am actually searching for someone else, so can you tell me what your price would be, so that I can let them know?
Thank you,

I would like to get face value for the ticket which is 565.

We’ll pay face value for it if it’s still available!

It is still available

Thank you - I’d love to buy it. Can you text me? 5052388475

Will do- I’ll send a text tomorrow !!

Thank you!