WooooHooooo! So excited for Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2015.

If you’re lucky, you may even get to share a hospital room with me for most of the fest!

No one mentioned Lawson Hill as an option. I know it’s camping on a baseball field, but any view in Telluride is beautiful. It doesn’t matter. They had a shower trailer, which Illium does not have (at least it didn’t when we stayed there in 2013). And it is still along the river. Lawson is a shorter shuttle ride so we did go back some days to get night gear instead of carrying everything for the entire day and night with us (bathing suit to winter coat and hat) like we did when we camped at Illium. Though you are making some good points about the high school. We usually go to night grass every night and are pretty tired by the time we get back so I don’t think I would mind camping there. This is our 3rd year and I’m also realizing that getting TP may not be that hard, though may have to trade some prime late night tix. Only 2 out 14 got TP last year so that’s how I got my late night by trading those.
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