What to expect at TBF as first timers? Mary E Ilium Campground

Regarding ToddG’s comments on weather and clothing: It can get cold at night and sometimes, like last year, in the daytime, too. I live in Wisconsin and I bring my 0-32 degree parka with a down sweater/jacket underneath. Long underwear is always a good choice. And keep in mind that you might be sitting or standing still for a few hours — not generating a lot of body heat. Full disclosure: I’m old (71) and get cold easily. But I come back to TBF every year and have a great time. And you will, too :wink:


Newbie here as well - with Mary E Ilium camping/VP. Cannot wait to get there and meet the folks in the “neighborhood!” Cheers! - Kim


Same here!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I appreciate it😊 I get cold easily as well so we will definitely make sure we’re prepared!

This video is a bit shaky, but gives you a pretty good idea what to expect at Mary E. https://youtu.be/CTjNPgNPd0E?si=XWzcwr0HcNBS-NbL

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Last year I was in rain gear for 3 days straight with lots of layers. In 2021, I barely needed a jacket at night. Hence, pack for all 4 seasons. Welcome!

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