Lineup Clues - Postcard recieved today

just got an email with the daily schedule, and more bands.

Charles Wesley Godwin is added!

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I agree completely! I had guessed a huge name or two would have been added for the 50th.


On the daily lineup Thursday and Friday have 8 acts listed, and Saturday and Sunday have only 7. Every year I’ve attended Sam Bush plays the sunset set around 7-8pm, with the “headlining” set for Saturday after Sam. I’m going to guess we see two more acts added, probably couple big names, possibly something not 100% Bluegrass. No matter what the lineup as is will be awesome!


If they’re not done with artist announcements I’d love to see a Boomchicks reunion for all those that remember that set years ago. Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris are already announced, Nancy Griffith has passed away, so that just leaves Shawn Colvin from the 1992 festival special set.:star_struck:

Long Jon is an interesting score. Dierks, Charlie Worsham, I am sure Sam will play with them. Really need to get Charlie to play “I Hope I’m Stoned (when Jesus calls me home)” That will be a classic TBG moment. Thursday is looking good.

I am assuming that when the lineup is finalized they would implicitly tell us that no further artists will be added to the festival, right? One would think they would announce any remaining acts in the very near future.

Im trying to finalize my plans for our vacation. Currently holding on to Friday and Saturday tickets (2). I think we will only be able to swing in for 1 of the 2 dates this year. I’d hate to offload one and find out a must see artist were going to perform that evening.

Full daily lineup is out and can be found here:


Thanks for reaching out. I saw this lineup before, but there has been speculation earlier in this thread that there may be additional artists added. Most notably to the Saturday lineup. There are talks (hopes) of a marquee artist to be added to the Saturday night headliner slot because Sam Bush typically plays the sunset slot and there is one less artist scheduled on Saturday.

Always hoping for more! :smiley:

I think that last saturday slot is now saying Band competition finalists.

They’re always listed in reverse order, so the first name on the list for the day is the closer. Since Sam always plays before the closing act, I’d say there is one more big announcement to be made. We’ll wait and see. :star_struck:


Do you think the 7 artists for Sunday are final, or is it possible there will be 1 more?

Sounds great to me! Keeping my fingers crossed for EV! :crossed_fingers:

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The New Grass Revival is reuniting to headline Saturday night for sure so Sam get to play both, well one can dream anyway!

If EV = Eddie Vedder he is also on my short list of availble and please. Thinks Saturday at least is a lock for a TBD headliner after Sam. Who that actually is, who knows.

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very exciting to thing about, hope you all are correct about one more surprise.

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Eight performers on Saturday seems like the standard day’s bill, but who knows.

Natalie MacMaster is an inspired choice. Cape Breton fiddle is infectious.

Natalie MacMaster was one of the first performers at my first TBF back in ‘04. All I could say was “Wow!”

The one and only. Though I would be equally as thrilled with a Neil Young set. I’ve not seen Neil in SO long and afraid the chances of seeing him live are drawing to an end. But this is one place he can drive an electric vehicle to.