Hey you down in the front!

No need to apologize to me, Bevin… they aren’t blocking my view, and they really are there as much for your pleasure as their own! Anyway I love you too much to even think that you should have to give up watching the twirly girls. I just said “look fast” because if they try to spend too much time twirling in that path, they are asked to go back to the side.

and…of course I agree completely with the talking thing… bad, very bad.

singing along… uhoh… I think there are a bunch of us who are guilty of singing along once in awhile… "in the midnight, in the moonlight, in the… "

or maybe “Take a little time for sunshine… take a whole lotta time for love…”

Those are almost our anthems, but I will try hard to not to do that, from now on.

Take a little time for HOWLIN AT THE MOON!"

oops… I mean from NOW on… sorry couldn’t help myself.


I found it!

Didn’t we ALL take pictures of that guy last year! That was too funny!

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

“…I’m there to listen to Bela pick it.”

Bevin, You’re My Hero! :medal

If you want to stay seated in a lawn chair for 4 days thats yer thing, but with sooo much good music, how can you NOT move.

Way too sedentary fer me, and sounds like you folks need to be at a concert not a FESSSSSSSSTIIIIIIIIIIVAAAAAAL!!!
FESTIVAL= MERRYMAKING :flower Look it up folks, no where in the dictionary does it say, dormant in a lawn chair for 4 days. :flower
Think of this way, music is moving in a well, kinda spiritual way and when people break out in dance and song it’s a sign of joy. And that is beautiful, to me anyway.
People that raise their arms and reach for the sky and grownups with squirt guns are my favorite :festivarian :sunshine :horsey :dog

Please don’t disrespect your Festi neighbors, but feel free to let your freak flag fly… :cheers :flower

I can’t believe someone bashed me over 40 points for this topic… Did I say something wrong or did someone misunderstand? My only complaint was the talking… I am good with dancing…I am good with the standing later… oh oh… did I get in trouble for admitting that I have been guility of singing along? Come on, I said I woudn’t do it again!!!

wait… it’s because I am old???

ah… okay. :thumbsup

and I am NOT dormant in my chair for 4 days… I am rarely in the vicinity of my chair!

:wave Ya know what is so great about FESTIVALLLLLL, is that we are all there experiencing the same thing only in different ways.

I was thinking. we stay for the entire show and practicaly live on our tarp, while other folks may spend only a few hours on their tarp and more time in the camping scene.

So I guess when you live on a tarp for 4 days yer bound to bug somebody and I think it best to have a forgiving and loving attitude.

My pet peev,Umbrellas,just hate em and I think those are rude.

Here’s some love back LuAnna !!! :flower

We’ll discuss it near the side or back of festival ground during a set huh?

I lost over 70 points too and yes I finnally smithed people who I THOUGHT did the same to me, after all it’s only a number :lol(not 40 point however)and I guess this is how you show dissaproval of comments " No talking, singing, dancing or clapping "is unreasonable for a 4 day period on the tarp.
No need to wonder, I smithed a few… Do unto others as they do unto you, so yeah, I"m tired of being Mr. nice guy :lolHere is some love back cause I’m really a lover and NOT a fighter. But, what about me :huh
That’s OK I know I’m loved :festivarian

How many days till we leave? :flower

I stand/sit/sing corrected. Good point Luanna, I guess there’s a time and place for everything. Remember singing Howlin’ at the Moon to the full moon at Rocky Grass. That was amazing.

Thank you for understanding. I’m not one of those tapers that goes around shooshing everyone at the slightest hint of conversation, but nothing kills a recording better than two people having a full on conversation over the music. I record the shows for me and for you. that conversation about your out of body experience over passing Tim O in the airport could take place anywhere else in the 36 acres of town park.

The dancing guy is Pat, he owns an organic market in Ridgway. A front of the line member…

Okay, here’s the plan. Whenever you see Pat, say “Howdy Pat” or Hi or whatever but include his name. Walk up to Pat and shake his hand. I love it. All these random strangers soon-to-be friends that know his name, I love it. Last person to say Hi to Pat is a rotten egg.

(It’s all your fault John - I love it)

good idea, Court!

I will bring a present to Pat! John can make sure he gets it… but not until we have all said our howdies!


Geeze, if I saw LuAnna on ONE tarp, I saw her on FIFTY tarps last year. You can NEVER find this woman when you want her! :lol

Tons of Festi-Love for you, LuAnna!

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

:wave Thanks for all the PM’s guys. See you soon you fiesty festivarians :cheers

What’s with all this smiting? I LOVE you people.

But wow, what a spirited discussion we’ve had.

I love that line, Miki, about how we’re all experiencing the same thing but in different ways.

We’re all guilty of getting all excited now and then! I just know that now, in a couple weeks, you’ll all notice me standing down front, singing and dancing and clapping along. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Hi all,
I am reading an interesting book by Dean Koontz (Life Expectancy) and there is this one paragraph that sums it up pretty good.
We have instinct but are not ruled by it. We feel the pull of the mindless herd, the allure of the pack, but we resist the extreme effects of this influence-and when we do not, we drag our societies down into the bloody wreckage of failed utarpias.
Ok I changed that last word for us. :lol Speaks to my heart. Let your freak flags fly festivarians!

We should start a smite free society. We could call it Utarpia. I can honestly say I have never smited anyone on this forum and usually forget to even look at that little number until someone brings it up. (Insert Heavy Breathing here) Ignore the number and you shall grow young Luke Skywalker.

One thing is for sure, freedom of expression is flying freak flags frequently — while we are frolicking.

I like the quote, Walkers!

I was just going to say something probably much less elegant… but the point being- Telluride is a society with all that comes with any society. Gotta love us silly dancing hippies! :flower

I just remember the line from the 70’s:
“If it feels good, do it!”
Happiness is contagious. I hope we are all infected with it for a lifetime! :flower