Has anyone camped at Lizard Head Pass dispersed camping?

Auntie Hope, have you heard the new-out-today Bela Fleck with Marcus Roberts Trio album, Across the Imaginary Divide? My husband pre-ordered it and I received it today for my birthday. SO, so good! And yeah, you gotta eat for sure! And not cold cereal and sandwiches, either–bacon and steak and yummy hot food!

Que Rico, why do you recommend not camping at Lizard Head? We’re doing two nights of pre-festival camping, two nights at the Victorian Inn in Telluride, and then we have High School camping, so we don’t have to be in totally easy driving distance of the festival for the pre-festi camping, but would like to be in the general area. We’ll check out Sunshine Mesa and other areas as well. We’re pretty much going with the flow when it comes to the pre-festival part of our vacation, so we’re open to many possibilities. :thumbsup

Thank for the good review of ‘Across the Imaginary Divide’. No, I haven’t hear it yet, not even a snippet, but I am really looking forward to the show at FESTIVVVAAALLL!!!

Bela tweeted back in January that he was really excited about the new music. He returned from Tallahassee, Fl after recording with the Marcus Robert’s Trio just in time to go to a birthday pick/jam at Earl Scruggs house here in Nashville, which ended up being Earl’s last birthday (no, I wasn’t there). Sure did make for some nice memories surrounding this CD for Bela, I’m sure!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Very cool story! I’m happy he was there for Earl’s last birthday. Bet you wish you’d been there, though! Me too!

Roll off Lizard Head towards Telluride just past Trout Lake and check out Matterhorn campground. Real campground with host and one of the (extremely) few with hot showers. A mix of RV and tent sites. Great location. Close to Trout Lake, access to Hope Lake trail and Lizard Head, T-ride is just 12mi. the other way for supplies.

On the south side of the pass is Cayton Campground. Very nice too, but I perfer Matterhorn- anyway, if you camp at Cayton, say hi to Bob from Albuquerque if he’s there.

Do you think there will be sites available at Matterhorn or Cayton, or other popular camgrounds in the area? We’re camping Saturday and Sunday nights before the Festival.

Some of Matterhorn’s sites are (at least once were) reservable via internet.

Between Cayton, Matterhorn and Sunshine you should be able to find something. Also, look for campsites Saturday in the 10am to 1pm timeframe if possible. Checkout is usually noon.

THANK YOU SO so much for this information! We just were able to reserve a campsite at Matterhorn for 3 nights (decided to add Friday night, because it was required), and it’s near the river. There were only two sites left, and we got one! Plus, we got half off the fee with our National Parks pass. So thanks for taking the time Anything, and again to all who have posted here and been extremely helpful! Your kindness means a lot to us. That festivarian spirit will indeed keep us coming back year after year! :love

Wow, thanks to everyone who participated in this thread! :flower

This year it was really important for mental health to arrive in Colorado early and leave a little late with lots of camping. Something to do with “Take the Day of Work. Take the Weekend too!”

Thanks for making this possible for us!

This is starting to feel really good at this point!

Even though I didn’t participate in THIS thread, that what this forum is for. :flower

We’re all here to pass on the festivarian spirit. :thumbsup


FESSSSSTTTTIIIIIIIVVVVVVVAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!! :flower :flower :flower :flower :butterfly :butterfly :butterfly :butterfly :love :love :love :love :hop :hop :hop :hop