Beware of scammers - 2024 Update

Be careful. The scammers at 914-363-0097 are back at it. All the red flags: +Direct message.
+Wouldn’t transfer via PlanetBluegrass and insisted on Seetickets exchange. +When I asked for a user name - said it was winners02 but they don’t have any history in the forum.
Be careful out there folks!

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Yikes - thanks for the heads up. Next time make them DM you on the forum to prove it’s their account. Then report it to us!

Also be sure to report their number as spam in your texting app.

Yep! Blocked and done. I didn’t loose any money but don’t want anyone else to get sucked in.
FYI - they said their Zelle # was 7745255710 - donald alexander.

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Ya they have a ton of different Zelles and Venmos. What a sad existence.

The link in step #1 goes to a blank page. What is the last day for transfers through Planet Bluegrass? Thanks!
(I think it was probably March 1, 2024)

Thanks for letting us know! Planet Bluegrass was launching a new ticket transfer process which has now been updated on the page. Should be much easier and more streamlined now!

Someone reached out to me offering to sell me passes - they claim they’ll ship them to me, but am I right that PB hasn’t sent out wristbands yet?

That’s correct, this is very likely a scam. Please DM me with additional details so we can take action.

Watch out for forum handle “Joe2” trying to sell Punch Bros nightgrass. He/she provided multiple email addresses and names that didn’t match while requesting I send a Zelle payment. The other emails and names to beware of are: (“Williams Clare’s”) (“AZIZ MUNEM”)

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I agree and I reported Joe2 as a scammer, he was willing to sell tickets at an absurdly low discount that just didn’t make sense and only wanted to do the transaction via paypal friends and family because it was his cousins account and he needed the money immediately.

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Thanks y’all. That user has been banned!!

I was contacted last night by Williams Clare’s, and I am in the middle of finding out how they want to effect a transfer now that the SeeTickets transfer deadline has passed. They sound fishy, and now that I see this post, I will be ultra careful.

Is there a safe way to transfer after the May 15 deadline?