Volunteer in need of Camping Pass

I am heading up by way of East Texas and am a first timer to Telluride. I am on the volunteer list but currently looking for a camping pass so that i have a spot to rest up between volunteer times and sets.

Please let me know if you can help out.

Much Love

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Yo Meat you need a TP pass or Warner!

@MeatSandal thank you so much for volunteering!

If you need camping, we protected some Mary E Ilium camping passes for our volunteers this year!

If you’re an accepted volunteer, you should have received an email from the volunteer coordinator explaining that we do have camping passes reserved for our volunteers to purchase separately.

So if you’re a confirmed volunteer, give Planet Bluegrass a call and ask for the volunteer coordinator!

This is a new method we’re trying this year. We can’t run our festivals without all of the help from all of the volunteers so thanks again! 🩵


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