Trading one 4 day pass for 2 Saturday passes

I have 1 Mary Ilium camp pass that I’m looking to trade for 2 Saturday passes.

What do you mean? The Mary E Illium camping pass comes with the 4-day Festival pass. That’s the only way it’s sold.

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Yes, I know this. I never said I was selling 2 separate things. I have one 4 day pass which is the Mary E pass.

My bad. I didn’t understand what you were doing. My point was that with your Mary E., you already had a Saturday pass (and Thursday, Friday and Sunday). I understand what you’re asking for now. Sorry.

No worries! I’m just not able to come the whole time now so just looking for single day. I’m not having much luck on trading though, will probably just have to sell it. If you know of anyone looking for one though feel free to let them know!