Trade: 4 Town Park tickets for 4 Warner Field tickets

Hey folks,

I am offering 4 Town Park tickets in exchange for 4 Warner Field tickets.

Town Park seems extremely fun and cool, but I won’t be able to get into town early enough to grab a good enough spot/take advantage of the location. I’ve never camped in Town Park and don’t have an established campsite to join, so I would be on my own with a few other friends arriving on Wednesday night, at the earliest. From what I’ve read on the forum about Town Park, it seems like you need to get there at the beginning of the week to get the full experience.

I’m only looking to trade Town Park for Warner Field, so I will not be entertaining any trade offers for Mary E or Lawson (sorry).

Additionally, I know there is info for transferring tickets on the seetickets site, but I haven’t found anything about safely trading one ticket for another. Is there a way to safely trade tickets through seetickets or Planet Bluegrass?

Thank you!



We can do this! Messaged you!


Pretty sure we can switch the names via PB or See tickets. That or do it in person depending where you live.

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I can make trade for you!


Thanks Todd & Ethan! You made my day.
Thank You!

Hi, if you end up wanting to sell a WF ticket please lmk. Thank you!