Trade 2 Mary’s Vehicle passes for 2 Lawson vehicle/RV passes Please?!

We clicked on a wrong button & failed to get camping passes for Mary’s. We have tickets, but not camping, so we’re hoping to move our rigs to Lawson, where we can use our tickets. If you have camping & need to get your vehicle down to beautiful Mary Elum, let’s talk about it. Thank You & See Ya there, one way or another! FESTIVAL!!

We need a Mary E vehicle pass. Already have camping. Sorry, but can’t help with a Lawson pass.


Thanks for the reply. We’re still holding out for camping tix at Mary Elum, or vehicle passes for Lawson. I’ll let you know if we get Lawson & then check to see if you still need our vehicle pass. Meanwhile, good luck!

FYI: There isn’t a pass for vehicle camping in Lawson Hill, only RV passes for that campground. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does anyone know if there’s ever camping tix available when they release the returned tix & passes after the return for full refund date? Thanks for any help or suggestions!
We’re wondering if we just need to give up these tickets & hope we get lucky after we return these. We’re coming from Hawaii & Oregon, so it’s too far to fly/drive without having a place to sleep. Thank You!

Always a chance that they get returned, but I would say the odds on Lawson Hill RV passes are slim just because I don’t recall there being that many spaces. How long are your campers? Lawson can be up to 28 ft and Ilium only 22, so that may be a factor as well.


Thank You. We are 22’ & 18’, so that’s a go. Some of us have changed our plans to go to High Sierra, so now we’re wrangling with that decision. It’s the 50th though….

Pleas keep me in mind for a vehicle pass if your plans change. I tried for Matterhorn and have a confirmed spot through Thursday night, but it is risky to bank on a first come, first serve for the last 3 nights.

sometimes there will be camping

Hi Rox!
Well hopefully you are able to find camping tix. If you do decide to not attend this year(:frowning:) we would be very grateful to take your tix off your hands​:slightly_smiling_face: please let me know if you do! Thankyou so much! We got shut out of 4day passes.

Psssttt - UPDATE: Password Added - TBF Ticket Release - Scalper Screening


We are searching for an RV pass for Mary’s - so, if you do end up needed to offload just one of them, please let me know. Cheers!

Hi there,

There is not an RV pass for Mary E. Ilium campground. There is a vehicle pass, and the maximum length is 22’. Please reference the Mary E. Ilium Campground page for more information. Best of luck!

Thanks. It says: “ALL campers (including all handicapped campers) who intend to sleep in their vehicle must have a vehicle pass and a camping pass.”

As long as I’m 22ft, I’m good, yes? (with a vehicle and camping pass. We do have camping and tickets)


Yes. For Mary E, to sleep in your camper you will need a Mary E. vehicle pass, and in addition, you will also need a Mary E/4 Day Fesitval ticket combo for each of the people in your party. So a Mary E 4 day festival/camping ticket is required for EVERY person and a vehicle pass is required for each vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, camper trailer, etc. A tow vehicle and a camper trailer would count as two vehicles so you would either need two vehicle passes, or the best option would just be to unhook and go park the tow vehicle outside the campground. You will not be allowed to camp at Mary E with only a vehicle pass and regular 4 day festival tickets. You will need the specific Mary E Festival/Camping passes for each person.

For Lawson camping, you would need a Lawson camping pass for each person, and in addition each person would need festival passes for at least one day. Camping is on a field and everyone sets up tents. Vehicles can not drive on the field, and there is no option to have your vehicle of any kind with you. You will park it outside the campground. How close you get to park for the most part depends on when you get there.

For Lawson RV, you need one RV pass for each RV/camping trailer. In addition, each person would also need separate festival passes, either 4 day or individual day(s). The Lawson RV pass basically gives you a parking spot in a parking lot with the other Lawson RV pass holders.

Lawson camping and Lawson RV passes are basically two completely separate options, they just share the name because the Lawson RV lot is right by the Lawson camping area. If you have a Lawson RV pass, any number of people can sleep in the RV. No separate camping passes needed. If you have Lawson camping, you will tent camp in the field, and each person will need their own Lawson camping pass. So if you have six people in your party, you would either need a Lawson RV pass, OR you will need 6 Lawson camping passes. Both options will require separate festival tickets. Lawson is the only camping option that does not already include a 4 day festival pass.