Ticket Transfer through See Tickets

I used this feature to transfer (receive) tickets for RG this year. I will be doing this for TBF '23, I am getting a couple of tickets from a friend who was lucky in the lottery.

Has anyone used the transfer system since the TBF lottery on Dec 1st?

Yup - it works the same (as far as I can recall). The other user will enter your e-mail address into the portal to transfer the tickets then you’ll receive an e-mail to claim them.

More info: https://support.seetickets.us/hc/en-us/articles/220446268-What-is-the-ticket-transfer-option-and-how-do-I-use-it-

Hi there!

Ticket transfer information can be found on the website here

Hope this helps! Please feel free to contact Planet Bluegrass with any further questions. :sunglasses:

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I used the transfer feature on See Tickets website in 2019 to transfer a ticket and it was pretty easy. However, due to all the COVID postponements and such I ended up cancelling the transfer early this year not too long after they switched them over to 2022 in our accounts. It was as easy as pushing a “Cancel Transfer” button. The buyer knew so it was fine between parties and money and stuff had already been worked out, but just keep in mind that the seller can easily cancel the transfer at any time. So basically they still have contol of the ticket(s) even after they trasfer it. If you are buying from someone you know it’s not really an issue, but if buying from a stranger it’s probably best to call Planet Bluegrass and do a permanent transfer through them.

Yes, you are correct and this is noted on the Ticket Transfer Information page to only use the “Friends & Family” transfer with individuals you trust.

– As long as phone transfer requests are made by March 24, 2023 deadline. After that deadline, our ticketing company starts the process of creating shipping labels and no transfers are available at that time.
– If anyone feels that they may need to transfer at a later date, please email See Tickets and request that they change the delivery method of your order to “Will Call.” This will change your full order to be picked up at Will Call. So after the March 24, 2023 phone transfer request deadline, if tickets are already scheduled for Will Call delivery, your account will show a “transfer” button in which you can transfer a ticket to an individual’s email and that one ticket (or however many) will be in their name – and they will pick it up at Will Call.