Still looking for 2-tickets for Sunday and/or Saturday too

We’ve been trying for months and hope that we can obtain tickets for Sat and Sunday but would settle for 2 on either if available

Hi Chris, they have some for everyday but Saturday on the website right now so you can score some Sunday today.

Thank you for contacting me. I managed to land tickets for Sunday. We would be interested in Saturday if they become available. I really appreciate your consideration. Perhaps we can meet up and jam somewhere along the way. Cheers…Chris

yeah @ChrisC1 I am a Mandolin player and will be camping at MEI i am down to Jam.

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Hi Mr Mandoman. We haven’t set up our Telluride camping yet. I was looking at Ridgway Reservoir. Where is MEI? Are the places there available? I will research what’s available in the area and go from there. Thanks for reaching out…Chris

hey Chris, MEI is Mary E Ilium it is one of the festival campgrounds. There is more info about it the camping section on the Planet bluegrass website. Unfortunately they are sold out but you might find some people offering to sell or swap in this section of the forum, good luck.

I’ll check it out. Thanks for following up. I’ve been prepping for the trip and a St Paddy’s gig tonight. So, I’m a little distracted until Monday. Slainte’ !

MEI doesn’t allow for rigs our size. I am looking around the area but we might opt for our original plan and do better next time.