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First off, please register and become a member of this ever growing family of festivarians!

Before you post a new topic, please check out THIS LINK. :flower

PLEASE NOTE: If you have tickets you want to sell or buy please post your request in the “Ticket Exchange / Swap” area of the forum, and NOT in the specific festival forum itself. :thumbsup

Once you’ve registered, click on “Profile” at the top of the screen and set up your personal information and preferences.

You can add a picture to your profile, set your e-mail, add a signature, set up your preference for notifications, and so on…

Have fun! :cheers


Please use the Help to see if your problem can be aswered there first, and then check the list below.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Question that have come up so far:

Q. How do I make a post?

A. First, you need to determine where your topic should be posted.
For example, If you’re wanting to sell/buy tickets or camping passes to a Planet Bluegrass event, it would go under the main topic “Ticket Exchange/Swap”. If it’s related to one particular festival, then it should go under the topic for that festival. If there is already a topic that relates to your post, you can open that topic and click on the “Reply” button. If you have a new topic to post, then you can click on the “Post a new Topic” at the top of the particular area. Anything that doesn’t fit a main topic can go into the “General Discussion” area.

Q. After posting a topic I’m not going back to the topic thread.

A. Go to “Profile - Look and Layout Settings” select “Return to topics after posting by default”

Q. When viewing personal messages I have to scroll down to see the newest one.

A. Go to “Profile - Look and Layout Settings” select “Show most recent personal messages at top”.

Q. I’m getting a warning when I’m trying to post to a topic.

A. Go to “Profile - Look and Layout Settings” select “Don’t warn on new replies made while posting”.

Q. What is “applaud” and “smite”?

A. It’s a method of rating how good a festivarian is. “Applaud” increases a users rating and “Smite” decreases thier rating. (Please don’t abuse this feature. It’s more for fun than anything else.)

Q. I have to scroll through the posts to find the latest one.

A. Go to “Profile - Look and Layout Settings” select “Show most recent posts at the top”.

Q: When I click on Festivarian Digest I can’t access any messages.

A: You must be logged into to access messages on Yahoo group forums.

Q. How do I manage my messages?

A. When you go to your Inbox, you’ll see a list of preferences. If you select “Manage Labels” you can create different folders to put your messages in.
Once you’ve created the folders you can put your messages in them in two different ways. You can select them in the Inbox and using the “Label Selected” drop-down to place them in the folder you want, or when you open the message use the “Label Message” at the bottom of the message to select the folder you want to add it to.
Now the message is in both the folder you selected, and your Inbox.
To remove it from your Inbox, open the message and useing the “Label Message” drop-down menu, you’ll have a list of all the folders. If you want to add it to a folder select one under “Add Label”. If you want to remove it from a folder select it under “Remove Label”. If you remove it from all available folders, you esentially delete it.

Q. When a poll is posted is it possible to send notification to all members?

A. No. It is possible for members to sign up to be notified when a new topic has been posted to a particular board, and/or to recieve email notification when someone replies to a specific topic that they have already posted in. The email will not tell you the content of the posts, but it will let you know that a new post/ topic has been started and you should rush over to the festivarin forum as fast as you can to see what is going on.
…you do this by clicking on the “!notify” button in either the thread you want to be notified about, or while looking at all the threads in a particular board.

Q. How do you add a picture to a post?

A. When you click on the “picture” button it adds the “img” tags to your message.
In between the “img” and “/img” you have to put the URL of the image. In other words, the image has to be hosted somewhere like or You can also upload a photo from your computer to your post using the Attachment feature. When composing the message you click on the “Additional Options” button where you can browse for a file to attach to the post. It’s set so that you can attach files up to 128K. If the attachment is an image it’ll display at the bottom of the message for all logged-in members. Guests won’t see the attached image.

Q. How do I upload an avatar?

A. If you go to your profile, and select “Forum Profile Information” you’ll be able to either select an avatar or a personal picture. You can upload a picture you have on your computer or use a picture that’s hosted on another site like or

Q. How do I change my display name in my profile?

A. This is something that we disabled, actually. It’s somewhat of a security feature. It keeps people from changing their screen names and holds a bit of accountability for each individual member. If there is some reason you feel it’s necessary to change it, please send a personal message to Dustin.

Q. How do I post a picture?

A. You first have to host it to a site such as,, etc. and when making your post you will click on the image button (that’s the button in between the Bold (B) indicator and the waving smiley face). This will place the image tags in your post where you put the URL of your image between them. Example:
[ img][/img ]

Q. How do you send private messages to people?

A. Click on the person’s screen name and their profile will come up. At the bottom you’ll see the link to send them a personal message. Or, below thier picture there are three icons… click that one that looks like a scroll.

Q. How do tell if there’s a new post I haven’t read yet?

A. When looking at all the boards in the general category view, boards with new topics have the fire symbol instead of the yin-jo. Once you see the fire and open that board (Telluride Bluegrass, for instance)…each thread, or topic, will have a small little “new” button next to the subject. you can click that button to automatically start at the first new post you haven’t seen.

Q. Is there a spell check available on the forum?

A. Unfortunately, it’s not a feature built into the forum…it’s a feature built into the Mozilla Firefox browserMozilla Firefox. It works just like Internet Explorer, or whatever you’re using…it’s just better. :wink:

Q. I made a mistake in my post. Can I fix it, or do I have to make a new one?

A. If you make a mistake in your post, just click on the “Modify” button and you can edit your post. No need to create a new one.

Q. I have a post I want to remove but others have responded to it. How can I delete it.

A. Scroll to the bottom of the page of your post and click on the “Remove Topic” button.

If your question isn’t covered here please post a new topic and we’ll try to answer if for you. We’ll add common questions and answers to this thread as a reference for new users as they come up.

Telluride Tom