Site malfunctioned at checkout and I lost my tickets. ISO any combo of tickets. Maybe trade camping?

My tale of woe. I was on the site at 9:55. Was assigned 350 in line. Got in, loaded my cart with four 3 days with camping, hit checkout. Got stuck with a “processing” message for 45 minutes. Finally called the ticket vendor, was informed there was nothing they could do, apparently it was my browser. Called planet bluegrass, also nothing they could do. In this time all the tickets sold out. :sob:
I was able to snag 4 shady grove camping passes. That’s it. We’ve been going since my now 8 year old was a baby and I’m super bummed.
If anyone has some passes for single days or 3 days or anything I would be eternally grateful.

I have 2 extra Sunday single day available.

Ticket Resale is happening now!