Selling one 3 day festival On-site camping for RockyGrass2024

For Sale:
One 3 day on-site festival camping pass for RockyGrass 2024!

Interested in this!

It is still available.

How much is it please?

Great, i will take it. Where are you located?

Perfect! Sorry for my delay, I am traveling. The tickets were shipped to my home in Kentucky, I will be flying back put to Denver on Wednesday July 24th and around the I-70 corridor and Evergreen until we head to Lyons on Thursday.

No worries at all! That all sounfs good. Can i just meet you there? I live in Western Colorado so not sure if we’ll be getting in Thursday evening or Friday morning, but I will 100% take it.
Here’s my number
224 595 9953

This is still available, the other person declined.
I paid $390 and will sell for the same.
It is one (3day onsite camping/festival pass).

I have my tix already.
Thank you