Selling 3 - 3-day passes for RG with on-site camping

I have three 3-day passes for sale with on-site camping for Rocky Grass. I paid $390 each. Will sell as a package or individually. Family plan change so I have extra passes.

if Ron didn’t take them, let me know. Also interested.
-thank you!

I still have the tickets. Do you want to exchange numbers? I’m headed out in the trinity mountains until next Wednesday or Thursday and won’t have reception but I can exchange them when I return. I can mail them if we exchange the money first (venmo?) and/or I have a friend in Boulder who I can give them to for you to get them from and just pay him. I’m reliable for the exchange. I’m a professor at Cal Poly Humboldt and easy to find. If I don’t hear from you this morning then I’ll check back in when I’m back next week.