Rockygrass Academy 23: looking for Banjo Intermediate spot

Dear Festivarians,
I am planning to attend Rockgrass 2023 -a first US bluegrass festival experience for me, I will be travelling without my family and hope to meet new picking friends. I will enter the festival ticket selling raffle today. I have unfortunately missed the deadline for the Academy and was told this Forum would be a good place to look for re-sale opportunities. I am looking to attend a Banjo Intermediate class, I would bring my Banjo with me. Am still trying to sort out where I could stay ( can’t bring camping gear on plane, particularly if I bring my banjo already). I would only attend the festival if I can find a ticket for the academy, am a slow jammer and wouldn’t keep up with the legendary camping jams haha ! I ‘ll try to get a 3-day pass today, and hope for re-release of Academy tickets before the festival tickets re-sale deadline 17 March. Any tips, unwanted Academy spots, for a newbie Festivarian like me would be most welcome. Being able to attend would be a dream come true !
Thanks y’all, Claire