Please help need 1 or 2 4 day passes

I tried to get tickets the moment they went on sale but as with every festival/concert I’ve tried to get tickets to the last year or so the scalpers must have gotten to them first. Last year I had to sadly sell my pass and I even sold less than face value so I’m hoping this year I have some good karma to get one in return. Thank you for any help locating passes!!

Hi @skimoore55 This is not really the best spot to have this post you might get more responses if you move it to the Ticket exchange/swap section as people who are selling or buying will most likely start there.

I’ve moved it for ya!

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Thanks! The forum is so different than how it was before so I didn’t know where to put it!

Thanks so much not used to the new forum site!

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Hey @skimoore55 @Firepainter has 4 singles one for each day tickets up for grabs, get ‘em while the gettins good.

Did you find tickets?