Picking in the Pines

Thinking about this? What is it like? How does it compare to Telluride in the sense- would the kids like it?

I can answer this. I’m one of the people that created and managed the festival. I stopped this last June because I needed a second fulltime volunteer job like I needed a hole in my head.

PIP is very family friendly. We made it that way intentionally. There are a lot of kids there and the amphitheater has a raised seating area in the front then slopes back to a huge grassy area where people throw down blankets, kid roll down the hill and play - it’s great. The sound is good everywhere.

Obviously most of Flagstaff folks will be there. Gary and Dwayne will set up a scaled down version of the Tikibar. I believe Bevin and Jen are already planning on coming -so it’ll be a mini Telluride reunion.

Obviously we are much smaller but I remember last year someone came up to us and said this is my new Tellruide…it’s what Telluride was before it got huge. So there’s that for what it is worth.

Thanks Jess… It is sounding intriguing- must figure out schedule first… BUT, if we came, we couldnt come until Friday night perhaps Saturday afternoon- think someone could throw a tarp down for our tent?

No Problem. Email me offline and I’ll be happy to do whatever you need.

Im really looking forward to this fest! It will be great to see you guys again! :thumbsup :cheers

Ron said him and Deb are going to try to come too :slight_smile:

Cool! I am so glad you guys are coming! I can’t wait to play with you and your brother again.


FYI to all the folks coming to PIP from out of town… John Hiatt and Joan Osbourne are playing here in Flagstaff the Thursday night before the festival. If you want to come in a day early to catch that show contact either me or wifigirl offline and we can arrange space for you somewhere before the festival campground opens.

I was talking to Matthew about this festival and how I wanted to go but Dad is working so maybe we ( kids and I could go.) I was telling him how lots of people we knew from Tride would be there and that you and Tony were maybe going to play on the. stage… THAT SOLD IT for Matthew… His response " Oh wow- yes we need to go. Those guys who camped with us are the best musicians… They are really nice too. They are even better than Pauolo Nutini… They are like Leftover Salmon.!!.. ( out of the mouth of babes or should I say BRAND NEW teenager)

which campground do I want to buy tickets for???

The group campground. When are you coming in?

It will be Friday evening late or perhaps Sat morning… Not quite sure yet.

Hey All, I read the campground opens at 12:00 noon on Thursday so it would be open for the Thursday arrivals. Don’t reserve # spaces through the Coconino County, group campsite through PIP. It’s a very large area so don’t worry. You can even show up on Friday and still have a spot to camp without a reservation, pay when you arrive.
Aloha, See you all soon, G&D

Hey Guys
we just got hit with a unexpected
money issue …freaking Kids .
so we will bow out of PIP
Much Love

Wow Deb, thats one heck of a compliment! Im so stoked you guys are coming!!! I cant wait!

We’ll only make main stage if we finish top 3 in the band comp, but we are doing everything in our power to make that happen.

Ron, maybe next time brother!

Much love!

Thanks Bro
Deb and I Hooked up with Bevin
and The Blossom Boys down here in Abq
for a freeshow in old town
with Handsome Family
good time was had by all
Cleatus … take Bevins Offer to have yall at Ramah
We will Feed yall!!!
Dude you are so In !

One week to go!
Good thing, too… the boys are driving me nuts! :flight They are soooo ready to roll…


Option 1 - The FFOTM Campground. FFOTM has reserved the large Group Camping area at the Fairgrounds. Tall pine trees create a rustic “camping in the woods” experience and provide shade during the heat of the day. Several picnic tables, raised BBQ grills, and campfire rings are available to share with your neighbors. This camping area is open on a first come, first served basis and is perfect for tent camping or those with small trailers. Porta-potties are provided, but there are no shower faclities. The area along the south fence will be designated as a “quiet area” as it adjoins the Luke AFB camping area

This is the campground I want???


Can we sleep inmy minivan in this one???

yes ma’am. There were pop-ups all over the place last year.