Pickin' in the pines F.Y.I.

I got this off the Pickin’ in the pines website today

This year’s festival will be
September 18-20, 2009 • Flagstaff, Arizona
Updated information about Pickin’ in the Pines 2009

This year’s festival will be held September 18, 19 & 20, 2009, with a great lineup that includes the Gibson Brothers, the Claire Lynch Band, Steep Canyon Rangers, Crooked Still and Burnett Family Bluegrass.


RoadTrip !
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Headline Bluegrass Band is booked as well :slight_smile: We are sooo stoked about it I cant even put it into words!!

I LOVE this festival!!!

Nate that is awesome! I’m glad to hear it!

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If you haven’t been to this festival make plans this year, if not for the artists and bands then the location.


Pine scented air, great sound and surroundings, jamming, camping, fine accommodations and eateries, and cool community - you’ll come back - ya here (yet)?


We love this festival and have been the last two years. Also a great festival for the kids! And the location, Beautiful!!!

Look for Carolina Chocolate Drops also, performance last year was amazing!

I agree the Chocolate Drops were Great and We will always remember meeting Del after his set.


Even if you live in Flag, it’s still fun to take a mini vacation and camp at Tuthill. That’s what we have done for the last two years. Don’t have to worry about driving after a few drinks, plus the campground is waaay fun. Definitely something to numb late summer-TBF withdrawal syndrome.

I am so excited about Pickin’ and will be organizing the kids booth again this year. Anyone have some good ideas for some new kids crafts? …Last year we made tamborines and masks along with the regular beading, paiting, etc.

I am sooo psyched FFTM got this collaboration going with the local merchants:
“Pickin’ in Town?
We’re also trying something new this year called Pickin’ in Town. Many Flagstaff businesses have enthusiastically decided to participate by hosting “showcase” performances, or by offering discounts, promotions and other fun stuff to festival attendees. Look for Pickin’ in Town details around town and on the flyer inserted into your program when you arrive at the festival” from www.pickininthepines.org

Also has Jacksons Grill gone more to the bar end of the schtick than restaurant? I’ve noticed via Flag Live that there are more and more bands playing there. I wonder if there is any chance of a “Nightgrass-type Show” after PITP? That would be sweet since it’s within walking distance of Fort Tuthill.

I am sooo excited about this festival!!!

Its worth noting that to the best of my knowledge PIP still needs volunteers. If you are interested you can fill out the form here http://pickininthepines.org/volunteers.html .

Also, we (HEADLINE Bluegrass Band) have been asked and agreed to do some “Pickin’ in Town”. I dont know the details yet but when I do I will keep y’all updated.

This festival is TOO MUCH FUN and I am absolutely thrilled to get to be a part of it!

Hey Biscuit, have we met??? If not, it would be a pleasure.

here’s a vid from last year.


This is a great little festival and a terrific alternative to other end-of-summer festivals in the 4 Corners region. I’ll be going for the 3rd year in a row and I’m totally psyched!

Headliners are The Gibson Brothers, Claire Lynch Band, Steep Canyon Rangers, Crooked Still and The Freight Hoppers. The Gibson Brothers play smokin’ traditional bluegrass.

Super-annoying family band, Burnett Family Bluegrass, is back for the 3rd year in a row, but we all need to go get something to eat at some point.

Nice camping, although there are no showers (bring your solar shower!).

The bonus is that our friends, The Tiki Bar, are the local hosts of the rocking-est festival campground party ever. And Tie Dye Party favorites, The Family Coal, from Madrid, NM, are in the band contest.

Skip the high-security event in Pagosa over Labor Day that passes for a festival. You don’t need those hassles when you’re having a good time. No one has ever stolen from my cooler at this festival, and I’ve never seen a pick get shut down by security

Nate! I am excited to see you guys play on the Main Stage!! :clap

Here is one of my favorite pics from last year’s band contest:


Way to go, Headline! :thumbsup

I’m really looking forward to this festival too! See you there Bevin and Nate and Jen!


Hey Adam! Didn’t know you were coming out for this one. That’s aaaaaawesome! See you in 30 days! :cheers

You are gonna be at PITP??? I am so bummed that I will not be there this year! I can’t believe I will miss you being in Flagstaff!

Well have fun and if you need to take a shower or crash somewhere you can stay at our place.

Stink…I am gonna be really homesick that weekend

We will all be missin’ you too Jess! :flower

Much love!

We are coming too… Now, someone tell me what we need to pack… How is this set up?

Today is the day!!! See you all soon!! :cheers

Bevin, Adam, Jen, and all my friends up North, Sorry I missed you all! I unexpectedly ended up having to leave early sat afternoon. :frowning: