New Zealand family looking for 4 x 4 day passes plus camping

Naively thought there would be plenty of tickets still available for the festival this far out. We’re coming from New Zealand if we can secure tickets.

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They are releasing tickets that they took back from scalpers every Tuesday. Sometime between 10am-2pm Colorado time.

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Seems, scary, but if you show up the week before festival you’ll find lots of tickets available, both on line and in person. Once PB sets up the Box office the saturday before, there’s a board there that folks post tickets and messages. And, if for once there were not any available, then it’s just a great part of the world to see anyways!


Thanks for that. Where do they release them? On the See tickets site?

Thanks, yep, would be pretty scary to leave it until then but hopefully we’ll find tickets after the refund date in March. Fingers crossed!

Just go to the tickets link on the telluride bluegrass website. If there are tickets available, they will post them there sometime between 10am-2pm on Tuesdays.

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Update - we got tickets with camping!! Yay. Thanks everyone for your advice.


Glad you are coming! I’m from Australia and we have a few different folk from down under, I come to telluride as often as I can and it’s the very best festival around. Message me if you want to catch up and get to know a few folk, we can help you get to know everything. We always go to First Grass ( the free concert the night before in Mountain Village). We usually go for drinks afterwards. It’s the friendliest, most wonderful week!

Awesome! We’re really looking forward to it. Trying to figure out how it all works from NZ is pretty hard. Would be great to catch up with some southern hemisphere folk while we’re there! We’re pretty excited about the trip.

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Great. Send me a dm and I we can exchange numbers. It’s a fantastic event

Hi there, did you snag tickets on the Tuesday rerelease? Just curious because I am also looking for tickets!

Hi there. Yes we did. Now all that’s left is to try and get an RV park. Apparently like hens teeth! We need to wait for the March resell date for that tho

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Check out my invitation for Aussies and NZ visitors to catch up together at First Grass the free concert the night before festival. Enjoy, it’s the best festival experience you will ever have

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Are you guys renting an RV when you get here? What campground did you get tickets for?

there were some Mary Ilium tix there today earlier.

Hi, Just a little insight on RV camping in the TBF area. You’ll be extremely lucky to get an RV pass and I wish you good luck. However it would be best to have a backup plan or two for places to park your RV. RV heat is the most scarce commodity so make sure your propane tanks are full, heat only when you need and conserve your battery power so you’ll have it to run your furnace! In the US Campendium (web and app) is the best resource to locate camping locations, read reviews and gather general information! As mentioned this festival is worth it all!

Thanks for the excellent advice. We’ve pretty much decided not to go the RV way. We are looking at hiring camping equipment from Denver which will make our stay much more comfortable. We have our camp passes for Mary E and instead of hiring an RV, will probably get a car instead. It makes everything so much easier. We’re really looking forward to the festival!