Need two 3-day passes for Rocky Grass!

Sold out before I had a chance but I know I’ll find tickets by July. I’m in and around Boulder so keep me posted if you have extras.

I don’t have 3 day, but I have 2 extra Friday and 2 extra Sunday .

Hi Bertha, thanks for the reply. Sorry I missed this offer, I was out of town and wasn’t paying close attention. I will wait and see if I can get a 3 day pass and we now need RV camping at the farm :frowning:

Hope you find txs! I still need some for Saturday. The hunt is on…

Selling 2 x On-Site Camping (includes 3-Day Pass) ($360.00 ea.)
Happy to sell them face value 646-363-3581

Ticket Resale is happening now!