Need to trade 4 tickets for 4 camping/ticket passes for Mary Elum

We clicked on the wrong link & got tickets & vehicle passes for Mary E, but failed to get the camping passes. So we have 4 four day passes & two vehicle passes for Mary’s, but no camping passes. Big whoops in our excitement to get tickets. Anyone want to trade Mary E camping tickets? Trade for tickets w/o camping? Thanks!

Hi there,

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We would gladly buy your 4 day passes! Sorry we dont have any camping.
We have thursday and su day tix if that helps you at all. Good luck and keep me in mind please!

Hi! I would love to purchase your 4-day passes! That would be wonderful!

I would like a Mary E vehicle pass if you still have it.



Hi! We accidentally bought 4 Mary camping passes and meant to but regular tickets. Sounds like a perfect swap! LMK if interested.

I won’t know for sure until I talk with the other people, but, to be clear, you have 4 of the camping/ticket packages for Mary’s. Not just the camping passes, but the package tickets?
If that’s true, that would be a great trade. I think we might owe you $$.
Thank You. This could be fantastic!!

Hi. I’m checking to see if you got my response yesterday. We would be interested in this swap if your Mary’s camping tickets are still available. Thanks lmk please. :heart::notes::orange_heart:

Psst - UPDATE: Password Added - TBF Ticket Release - Scalper Screening