Need Ride from Telluride to Durango Monday 6/19

Hi All!

Looking for a miracle here, but I have a flight out of Durango Monday (6/19) afternoon, and looking to hitch a ride from Telluride to Durango that morning if anyone is headed that way. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like there were any shuttles from Telluride to Durango aiport like there is to Montrose. So if anyone is headed that way Monday would be a huge help! Thanks!

where are you camping? We’ll be going through Durango. Usually leave Telluride around 1pm. I’ll know if we’ll have room once we pack on June 7th. We’re in TP. There should be loads of folks heading that way Monday, just a matter of room.

Hey, thanks for replying so quickly! Unfortunately my flight out of Durango is at 1:20pm Monday, so I think I’ll be needing to head out of Telluride around 930-10AM. I’m staying in town close to where Viking Lodges are. But it’s good to hear that a lot of people from the Durango area will be camping, so worse case, I’ll make some friends when it comes festival time. If you get wind of any open seats, please give me a holler! many thanks!