Need FRIDAY ONLY Tix for Newly Found Family on 23&Me!

Hello! We just found our beautiful daughter who was given up for adoption 40 years ago and she is coming to visit us from TX with her husband and our new grandkids! We already have weekend tickets but need 2+ for Friday (they leave Sat) so they can experience the beauty and fun of RockyGrass with us. 2 of the kids are under 12 and the other 2 are 13 and 14. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING US HAVE A BLAST!
Carla and Doug

I have one Friday ticket available. I have to work and would miss all but the final act, I’d rather someone else is able to use the ticket and enjoy the full day. I’m not super familiar with how this board works. I still think there’s plenty of time for me to send you the wrist band and ticket, which I got in the mail a week or so ago.

Ok thank you!

I will pick up wrist band.

How do I contact you?


Great! I live in Fort Collins. You can call me 801 520-6178. We can arrange to meet halfway or wherever you are. I paid $105, I can sell it for an even $100. I love your story BTW, that’s wonderful!!!

Just checking to make sure you want this ticket, I want to take care of it ASAP and not worry about it. It looks like there are several other people looking for Fri tix and possibly more available, the forum is a wee bit confusing so sort of hard to tell. Can you call or text me so I can arrange to get you the wristband. 801520-6178. No worries if you found other tix, I just need to know so I can offer it to someone else if you don’t need it.

Hi - so sorry, I did not see your response on my Festivarian site, but just saw your email. I would love one Fri ticket. Where are you located? Im in Boulder. $95? I can come get tomorrow if you are free, I assume you got the RFID tag wrist band?
Thank you!