Need 2 Farm Camping Passes - Can buy them from you or Trade a Farm Vehicle Pass (18' Max) plus cash to make up the difference

Hi there,

We were able to buy an RV spot for RockyGrass at the Farm, but the camping passes were sold out. I am hoping to find someone who can sell 2 farm camping passes. Let me know if you got em and I will bring you a free case of beer too!

I can trade a Farm Vehicle pass (18’ Max) for 2 Farm Camping passes plus whatever the extra cost is for the camping passes too if that helps.

I could do that trade

Awesome! I will send you a direct message.

I actually don’t know how to send a direct message. Can you shoot me a text or call whenever its good for you at 970-213-5480.

I will be on a plane for a few hours today if I don’t respond right away.

To send a DM, just click on the person’s name and hit “Message” :slight_smile:

Edit: it seems DMs are only available to users who have been around a bit, my apologies for the incorrect information!

I haven’t heard back from the person willing to do a swap or sell so this offer is still up for anyone looking to sell 2 farm camping passes or trade 2 for a vehicle pass + $.

Hi Josh, I can’t figure out the DM thing. At this point I only have 1 extra farm pass. Do you still need 2? I am still in need of a farm vehicle pass, I could trade the 1 farm pass + cash, or maybe I can find another farm pass to make the swap. Let me know your situation, thanks!

Hi there. Yeah I am still needing two farm camping passes.