Need 1 4-Day pass for the 50th (my 40th!) Telluride Bluegrass Festival

I got boxed out of a ticket at the on-sale day this year, and I’m looking for one 4-day pass. I’ve only missed three festivals since 1981, and I want to keep it at three. If you’ve got a spare 4-Day pass, please let me know!

Thanks, and see you this summer!


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Owen, I’ve watched your videos of the festival many times and we have a spare 4-day pass we’d be happy to sell you. We are Giles and Jaci McCrary. How shall we handle the exchange. I follow you on Youtube, but I don’t know your FB name or email. They’ve changed the forum now, so I don’t know how to exchange our information yet. Let me know if you know how. LOL!


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Thanks so much for your message! Hopefully I can include my email here and you’ll see it. I’m at . (I tried replying to the email I got with your message in it, but that didn’t work.)

I’d love to get your ticket! There is a way to do it through Planet Bluegrass that protects everyone from scalpers, etc., and I’ll check in with them in the morning to remind me how to do it. As I understand it, it all goes through them.

And thanks for watching the videos! I love being able to share some Telluride moments with folks!

Thanks again,