My 2 Greensky to Trade For Your 2 Punch Brothers!

Howdy folks! I have 2 Greensky to trade for your 2 Punch Brothers tickets, plus cash difference! I am not interested in selling you my Greensky so please don’t take up space on the forum with an ask for that – Thanks and see you all in June! :slight_smile:


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Bump Bump Bump Bump! :slight_smile:

bump bump bump bump bump :blush:

Would trade 2 Nickel Creek for 2 Greensky if you’re interested! I understand it’s not the same but you still get to see Thile at least?? Sorry if we are wasting your time… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your offer, that is kind of close but, well, you know, not the same, of coursev :-)…

No worries and thanks, but I l’ve got Nickel Creek and Punch tix already, just need more Punch for the rest of our crew. Best of luck to you!