Looking For Town Park Tickets!

Long-time festivators looking to ensure our whole crew makes it to number 50! Looking for town park tickets, may be able to swap for 4 day passes if that helps complete a deal!

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Confirmed our group would be able to swap four day festival passes (plus cash) for town park tickets should that help make a deal!

Still looking to trade regular 4 day for town parks?

Yes, we’re still looking!

Seems like most people on here are all looking for TP including myself, but there doesn’t seem to be much action regarding so i am starting to lose hope!

It’s definitely been tough sledding this year, but in my experience things often work themselves out. Don’t lose hope!

We’re still hoping for a miracle! Please let us know if you have any town park tickets for sale or trade!

Just kickin the tires on this old post, our group is still looking for any Town Park tix you may be deciding to part with, this will be year 10 for some and some big reunions with folks who haven’t made it in the past few years. Thanks!

Unrelated (although it could be) but the Colorado board doesn’t get much action. I’ve got a couple tix up for grabs for a show in Denver on 4/7 for any locals. I’ll toss 'em in if anyone picks us to bless with their Town Park tickets!

Otherwise, check out this post just don’t want to see them go to waste as it’s a killer lineup! Bluegrass Generals April 7 (Friday) at Cervantes - 2 Free Tickets

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