Looking for lodging, cool fam with 2 littles!

Hey there! If anybody is not needing their lodging anymore or are looking for roomies to pay for 2 bedrooms where you are staying and are ok with kids/have kids of your own, then look no further! We are a super cool/fun (if I do say so myself) fam with super cute kids (ages 2 1/2 and 6 months), and we love to make new friends!

Hello! My wife and I just recently secured tickets, and are starting to figure out lodging. We live in Chicago and will, in all likelihood, be driving down from Denver. While we don’t have kids, Liz is a speech therapist for infants, and a high school and college singing coach. I work running our business, www.steingoldsdeli.com but when I was young I taught kids skiing and snowboarding. What I am getting at, is we would have no problem sharing a space with kids! I am starting to look at some Air BnB options. As I am sure you are aware there are not many inexpensive options, so sharing a place would make a lot of sense financially. May I ask what your budget is?

@Telluridebluegrass , are you still looking for this? I may have some people I can connect you with