Looking for Guitar+Mando+Fiddle Int/Adv Academy Passes! 🇩🇪

Hello everyone!

Not only am I a first timer in the Academy - it’s my second time in the USA at all (first time was Burning Man 2019 :person_tipping_hand: Whaaaaat?!)…
I am a professional guitarist and fell in love with bluegrass music right from the start 11 years ago and somehow managed to make a living of being a bluegrass musician in Germany (www.bashedpotatoes.de). Yes, some people here do know about it and with our jam collective (www.colognebluegrassbash.de) were part of a growing scene - rather a new era of Bluegrass in Germany! It’s a wonderful scene here - if you ever come to Cologne:
let me know! :heart:
Now is my time to dive deeper into Bluegrass - that’s why I urgently need an Academy pass for me and my buddies Joon and Paul (guit/Mando/fiddle). With a lot of crossed fingers we bought the festival tickets and the flights already… :grimacing:
So please, make this happen for us Bluegrass foreigners :heart::heart::heart:
Please, contact me if you got any spare Academy tickets!
Looking forward to picking with y’all - hopefully not over the fence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers from Cologne!
Yours gratefully,