Looking for a ride to DIA or Boulder

Hi friends! I’m flying out and meeting some friends for the festival and I am SO stoked, but the timing of my flight back to reality is making things tricky for the group I’m driving out to Telluride with (unsurprisingly, trying to get from Telluride to Boston in one day is a nightmare).

Is anyone headed from Telluride to DIA eeeaaaarrrrrlllyyy on the morning of Monday 6/20 with room for one more? (like, need to be at DIA by 3:00 early! yikes!)

Alternatively, is there anyone headed back to the Boulder area late on Sunday with an extra seat?

I’m happy to pitch in for gas $ and snacks! It’s hard to believe it’s coming up so soon!

My flight out of Denver is at 4pm on Monday so I need to leave very early from Telluride Monday morning. I think I could help.

That is amazing! If you still think you might have some space, shoot me a text at 781-812-7027!