ISO Vehicle Parking Pass

Hi there!
My fiance got tickets for Telluride Bluegrass and camping (I honestly can’t remember which campsite). This will be our first time at Telluride. They were out of vehicle passes by the time he was able to purchase tickets.

Anyway, I really don’t care where my car is parked as long as it has a spot. If anyone has an extra parking pass they’d like to sell or even advice on parking, let me know!

You don’t really need a vehicle pass unless you’re planning on camping in your vehicle. And those passes are very limited and nearly impossible to get now.
Depending on when you roll into Telluride you’ll either be parked along the road or the big Carhenge lot, or up at the Mountain Village big parking structure or lots where you’ll have to take the gondola or bus back into town. But you’ll have the opportunity to unload your car near your campsite before you have to park it.

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