ISO Town park or WF. Have Punch Brothers and Sarah Jarosz to trade

Looking to acquire two town park or warner field tickets. I have 2 Punch Brothers nightgrass and 2 Sarah Jarosz nightgrass to offer in a trade. Please let me know. Thanks!


A word to the wise, dcrave0-- this reply of yours isn’t the best of etiquette on the forums! Offering to buy tickets that someone is offering for trade wastes space on the forums and certainly no one looking to trade a Punch for camping tickets is going to sell it to you on a wild hair. The poster will always say if they’re willing to sell straight across.

I’m sure that you can manifest a ticket for any show if your intent is strong enough, there’s just more festivarian consciencious ways to go about it here. If you’d like to buy a Punch ticket, make your own unique topic/post or find a post by an actual maniac who is looking to sell their extra Punch–Good luck! :love_you_gesture: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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My bad guys! I’ll remove any such solicitations and keep your advice in mind going forward. Thank you!

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Thanks for receiving the suggestion so well and for helping to keep the Forums the highest vibin’ place possible! Your kindness is appreciated.

Good luck with your ticket hunt and we’ll see you in Telluride!! :love_you_gesture:t2::tada::blue_heart:

Bump Bump Bump!! :tada::blush::heart:

Bump. Still looking!