ISO-Mary E IlIum Vehicle pass please-so much gratitude already for TBG 50th! Cant wait!

Just was able to get 4 X passes and camping at Mary Ilium…Soo excited!! Just need a parking pass now… So much gratitude for all things TBG right now!! Let me know if you have an extra or would like to sell yours.

FYI Parking is included.

Really? what about a mini camper & auto? between 4 paid campers ?

Oh, so you’re looking for a vehicle pass. Parking is up the road after you set up camp, but if you want to set up your camper you need a vehicle pass, not a parking pass. I’m in the same boat. Good luck.

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Unfortunately you can’t sleep in your car or camper without a vehicle pass. I’m in the same situation. Best of luck to all of us!

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Best of luck to us all! Thanks for your reply!

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